Is Poker a Life Skill?

It has been argued that poker is a skill game and should be considered differently from gambling in general. Centered on the issue of legalization, poker is cited as providing applicable life skills such as reasoning, discernment and logic. Charles Nesson, the Harvard Law Professor who founded the Global Poker Strategic Thinking Society states, “Poker is viewed as an exceptional game of skill that can be used as a powerful teaching tool at all levels of academia and in secondary education”.

Nesson adds, “Poker teaches many lessons that are transferable to the challenges of life, including strategic understanding of risk, resource management and self control”.
Developing a Thought Process
Decisions without thought, assumptions and conclusions based on emotion are all negative approaches to life situations. Poker, as well as life, requires acquiring the right information and logical thinking while concentrating on a problem. Having a sound thought process is a lifelong skill that poker can enhance.
Planning and Strategizing
Just as you plan for college or a wedding, skill games consist of setting objectives and goals.

Poor planning can adversely affect an anticipated outcome whether it is a tournament or career. Good life planning requires discipline and methodically thinking out steps to take to reach a desired result. Poker also develops these skills, it teaches you to analyze multiple outcomes as you compare your reactions.

Power of Discernment
Skill games teach you to learn what other people perceive, think, and want and not focus solely on yourself. In life situations such as buying a car or hiring a contractor, the ability to perceive what others are thinking or actions they are going to take proves to be invaluable. By doing this you will have a better understanding of how to react to someone’s actions so that you can benefit from them. Sharpening your bluffing skills through poker can also give you an advantage when negotiating in real life.

So, there you go. You now have a very good and legitimate reason for playing online poker.

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